What is Medicare Doctors Direct?

Medicare Doctors Direct is a unique marketing strategy that teaches agents how to build and work with referral partners such as Medical Doctors and Health Care Professionals to provide Medicare services to their patients, with their endorsement and referral to you.

Who Benefits?


Medicare Doctors Direct works directly with agents to help build a network of referral partners with Medical Doctors and health care professionals. Agents benefit from training and support from our knowledgeable representatives, while simultaneously growing their business.


Medicare Doctors Direct benefits doctors by creating a referral partnership between doctors and a Medicare Specialists. Doctors offices and patients have access to support regarding Medicare issues, from claims to prior authorizations to medications and more.


Patients benefit by experiencing lower costs through providers with the latest knowledge of changes to patients’ Medicare benefits, changes to doctor and hospital participation to Medicare, changes to prescription benefits, and options to their current Medicare benefits.

How It Works

At Medicare Doctors Direct, our Medicare Advisors play a vital role in enhancing patient experiences and boosting retention. By fostering strong relationships between doctors and patients, our Advisors provide personalized advice, tailored support, and strategic marketing assistance. Trust Medicare Doctors Direct to empower healthcare providers, ensuring long-term success with satisfied and loyal patients through the dedicated expertise of our Medicare Advisors.

We advise using knowledge of changes happening in the Medicare industry.

As network transformations occur and the legislative landscape shifts, help your patients navigate these changes with confidence. With the end of Michigan’s Medigap subsidy affecting over 30,000 residents, our expertise can guide you in finding plans with the lowest costs for copays, dental, vision, and hearing options, fitness benefits, over-the-counter advantages (OTC), and Flex Cards. Empower your patients to take full advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act, the $2,000 annual prescription cap, and the Insulin Copay Cap of just $35 per month.

Exceptional Customer Service and Effective Marketing Support

At Medicare Doctors Direct, we blend outstanding customer service with results-driven marketing support to bolster a thriving healthcare practice. Our lifetime claims resolution ensures a seamless experience for your patients, while their glowing testimonials showcase the superior care they receive. By offering marketing support that effectively grows patient counts, we reinforce your practice’s foundation, contributing to its long-term success and reputation for excellence.


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